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Default Re: What else are you guys into (Hobbies/Toys)

Originally Posted by 01_ranger_4x4 View Post
i collect guns...

and if you asked my wife she would say my obsession is online forums. lol but i do have a few "toys". they are toys to me anyways...

my camper, also one of my hobbies

my outdoor power equipment (all toys to me)

my snowmobile

Patrick you have it made...assuming finances are OK..I sure hope so...I like the pictures you posted here and think that suggests a family with fun and an enjoyment of the outdoors..even in winter. If that is so keep it together. Marriages fail often because of infidelity (***ing around)...that has got to be the worst reason of tramp doing another. Don't do it!!! Nor your wife. Once torn apart by such...the pieces are seldom put back together. And when they are the result is usually not a 'loving relationship' anymore. A poor example just ask someone like Tiger Woods.


[QUOTE=02maz;295395]I work on bikes, I got six of my own right now and I work on a fleet of thirty, but I'm still building more. Here's my baby I built from countless trashed bikes. This ones my farm bike and I take it to school and use it to get groceries and go fishing.
2002 Roadmaster mountain bike
Mods:12in milk crate, two fishing rod holders, trailer hitch, headlights, chrome fenders, two cup holders, spedometer
Mods to come: reduced gearing, 24in milk crate, two more rear wheels, mud flaps

Heres what it will look like when its a 3X4

One of my other favorites. I bought this one last year but pretty much rebuilt the whole thing its still a work in progress though

Notice the road bike shifters

My other mountain bike

Some of the orange bikes I've worked on or built

That is great. Interesting pictures. The heavy lights on some of the bikes aren't ideal many would think...but it doesn't matter much I suppose if you aren't in a world-class racing event. Thanks...I enjoyed seeing these pictures a lot.
JBA s.s. headers&exhaust, K&N cold air intake, Bosch Iridium Plus 4 plugs, Royal Purple in motor, 5spd & diff.,Superchips programmer, axle girdle. Also have but yet to install KYB Gas-A-Just shocks and Belltech sway bars.
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