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Default Re: A question about "rules" for a RWD Ranger

Originally Posted by machine090767 View Post
why would you put a 4x4 sticker on your truck? to most people, it LOOKS like a 4x4.
In fact, a lot of people actually remove their 4x4 stickers, for a "clean" look.
also, having a 4x4 sticker on a 4x2 might make for some embarrassing moments out in the public:

(some guy) "Hey, nice 4x4! can i check 'er out?" You: "'er, ok" Guy: "hey, wheres the 4x4 control?" You: "er, it doesn't have one" Guy: "I thought this truck was a 4x4?" You: "er, It isn't" Guy: "Then why does it say "4x4" on it?" You: "er, because i thought It would be cool" Guy: "so your PRETENDING to have a 4x4....most people stop playing "Pretend" when they are about 7 years old"
HAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!! ...........i like the idea of the FX2 idea...wish i had thought of that myself I HATE the sport stickers...thinking about pulling them all together! but uh i say NO to the 4x4 ones..
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