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Default Re: Do I have keyless entry?

Originally Posted by richarddhoward View Post
Just because it has power locks does not mean it has remote keyless! Found this out on an ex's Toyota, no idea why, this car had every other damn option except remote keyless
Most rental car companies order from the factory a special package that has ye power accessories, but no remote capability so no one can rent a a car, program a fob to it and then wait for someone else to rent it and steal it. This is also why it takes to original keys to program a new key to the ignition. When you rent, you only get one key.


Originally Posted by cowboykilroy View Post
I was needing that answer also .what I just found out is ,do the key on key off 8 times leaving it on on the last time if it chirps the horn and locks and unlocks the doors that means it is in the programing mode and you do have remote keyless entry if it does not chirp the horn and lock unlock you dont. . their instructions say last stop of key is at off but all other instructions I have seen say you stop with key on.
Key on / key off 8 times really quick and stop at the on position. The locks will cycle, telling you it's ready to program new fobs. Have all the fobs ready at on time. Even though you have a fob that's been working and want to add a second one, you will have to push a button on all to reprogram them.
Side note, do not use a single remote for multiple cars. It is possible. I hade mine programmer to my wifes Taurus, my daughters Focus, and my f350. Worked decently until one day I accidentally hit the panic and two cars went off. Pushed it again to silence the two but now the third one came on. It was an ordeal to shut them all up! I unprogranmed my fob from all but dually.
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