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Originally Posted by surfer03133 View Post
STL, when i googled the pioneer model number i got the genuine ford accessories and manuals website as the first hit. im convinced the factory installed it, since a 2002 edge and a 2008 sport have the exact same head units.
Link to site?

I searched and came up with places that sale it like and even My only question is if it is "stock" why can you buy it on the aftermarket side?

I am willing to bet that your dealer added that radio into your truck. Sometime dealers add things to vehicles to help sale them. Do you have the window sticker? Would be labeled dealer add ons

The fact that you have the same radio as the other guy I guys you could say 1:1000000 chances

All the ones I have seen on-line come with remotes do you have one also
2005 Edge

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