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heck no! it works fine on a home computer!

if you play a lot of computer games (I don't) there may be issues with some games for a bit before they'll work under Wine (a windows emulator that allows windows programs to run on linux - yes, it's free, too), but judging by the list of "known working" stuff, it looks like most are ready to go, right out of the package.

anyway, a lot of the various linux distributions (or "distros", as they're called) have a "Live CD" available -- made so that you can put the CD in your CD-ROM drive and boot from it, running Linux on your current Windows computer, without overwriting or affecting your windows installation at all. This gives you an opportunity to check it out on your hardware, to see how things look/feel without having to commit to completely installing a whole new operating system.

re: games -- i have a playstation if I want to play games, so I haven't bought a computer game since sometime back in the late 80s or early 90s!! (and, truth be told, I'd much rather spend my time [and quarters, if I must] on a real, live, multi-ball pinball game -- far more entertaining, and requiring far more skill!!)

in case someone asks (and they usually do): I run the Fedora distribution on most of my machines.
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