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Sun maybe in my eyes/ Being LE could be one of the reasons/ Or maybe I don't wanna show my fugally face; you got a problem with that. eh you got a problem, lol that was another funny

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Ok, Sorry Bru but I have to ask. Why are you covering your head/face with the box in the first pic?
huh, so yea they work and I have used them, But tell me, why should trust people saying it DOA just for fun and what they call reverse scamming, Now you may see why I hate bay, Anyways my credibility is important; you should know that by now, I give more money away than what I'm asking, these funds are going to a VETERANS organization, a request made by a member here that posted in my "New Years Thread Contest"

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guaranteed not to be DOA?
Stop it buggy, and stop bugging me, I hate little bugs, they seem to bugging all theme, lol Hi you doing my brother, I'm a ghost in the mist, lol

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The unknown Ranger man!

They will remember me always