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Default My Craigslist find.

Well this morning I got up at 6:48am instead of 7:48am. I forgot to set my clock an hour back and though it was almost 8. Well I decided to make the best of it and hop on craigslist. I have been on the look out for some 15" wheels. All of the ones I have seen have been too much for me. Well this morning I found a set. They came off a Jeep wrangler, are 15x8's and cheap(really cheap). I have no clue on the backspacing. A lil dirty but they just need a good spray down. Now I just need to find someone to buy my current setup so I can get a set of tires and throw these on the truck. If anyone knows what brand or model they are let me know. There was some info on the part of the wheel that the tire covers up. That is how I found out they are 15x8's.

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