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Default Re: Mickey Thompson Rims

Originally Posted by chaddwalters View Post
Not to thread jack but this is very helpful information. I am planning on getting the same thing for my truck, only was wanting to get 15" instead of 16". Would I still be able to just click 15x8 - 5x4.5 bolt pattern and be ready to go?

Didn't know if the inch smaller rim would make a difference or not, my guess is no, but wanted to be sure.

Originally Posted by ranger024x4 View Post
nope. the size of the rim (hight wise) makes no difference in backspacing, only width does
Chaddwalters, yes you will be fine thats actually what im running and so is ranger4x4 which im sure he will chime in soon, so you will def be fine. Id TOTALLY recommend a 3 inch body lift before you decide to get them. That is in no way saying you cant put them on a stock truck, you totally can I just think it makes the rims look SOOOOO much better being lifted with bigger tires n sidewalls. But again that is totally up to you.
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