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Default 4X4 not working....well sort of

97 Ranger, AOD,4.0, 4X4.
I'm here in north Jersey, slowly getting buried under (a forecasted) 18" of snow.
So I decided to check the roads in my truck. I start the vehicle, put auto trans into N and flip the dash switch to 4X4 HIGH....nothing. Okay, so I set it back to 2 Wheel high and start to drive. As Im driving, I can feel it's in 4WD, but light doesn't indicate it as such. As I continue, I can feel it's once again, in 2WD. So I pull over and come to a stop. I put the truck in N and turn the switch to 4WH. I wait about 7-10 seconds and put in gear. The indicator light is on, but not engaging. So I put in reverse, back up a few feet, put back into N, then shift into Drive. Light is on, but 4WD still not engaging. I drive for about 1/4 mile on a snow covered road, 25 mph, on a flat, smooth road surface.

Finally, I do the smart thing....turn around and head back home, instead of incurring the wrath of the DPW workers finding me stuck on the roadside
Any suggestions??
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