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This code means the EGR sensor is feeding back a low voltage (less than 0.195 volts).

The DPFE sensor I think on the 4.0 is mounted on the driver side intake manifold under the idle air control valve. If it's original it will be rectangular and made of aluminum. It will have a 3 wire connector and two hoses running to the bottom of it.

Need to confirm voltage going into the sensor.

Pin 1 should be Brown and White and should show 5.0 volts with key on.
Pin 2 should be ground (0 volts) and Grey and Red wire.

Once those two are confirmed make sure the connector is connected and back probe pin 3 (Brown/orange) and turn the key on. If it is less than 0.195 volts then the sensor is bad.

This is an immediate code. If malfunction occurs more than 4 seconds on startup this code appears. So it is quick to confirm the repair.
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