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Default Re: Duratec pinging like crazy...

I sorta skimmed through this thread and really didn't see any mention of the knock sensor. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) But if your knock sensor is functioning the engine should be impossible to ping/knock since it will just continue to retard the timing until it stops pinging. The 2.3 d-tec is 9.7:1 compression engine which is sorta high for using low octane fuel which is exactly why it has a knock sensor system. If your having ping issues first thing I would do is run a scanner with live data to see if the ignition timing is being retarded. If not the knock sensor has failed, or the noise isn't actually detonation. (As stated previously these engines are notoriously noisy and clanky especially the early ones with that garbage runner control system)

My d-tec runs happy as a clam on 86 octane but if I drive with my scanner hooked up I can see it pull a few degrees timing occasionally when I really load it because the knock sensor is doing it's job. The knock sensor can adjust instantly and you should never physically hear a knock. Usually now ill just fill up with 91 or 93 when I know ill be towing or hauling.

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