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Default Re: Need front car Y-pipe. 2000 3.0 XLT

Originally Posted by Herlsy24 View Post
Private EMS pays $12.75 an hour.
My part time department only pays when on a call. Usually make about $80 a week from the department. (Its $20 a call)
Part time dispatching is part of my private EMS company. Its $19 an hour and I work a 7p-7a Saturday nights in dispatch.
So working Tuesdays at the fire department 6p-6a, a Wednesday 7a-5p private EMS. A Thursday 24 hour 7a-7a private EMS and a Saturday 24 hour private EMS (with 12 hours in dispatch) I work over 60 hours a week.

I make a little over $550 after taxes from private EMS. My fire department check varies but like I said on a good week it's an extra $80
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