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Default Re: rear speaker issues

Originally Posted by harlowe View Post
I originally pulled the fuses to the radio to check for corrosion, saw that one truck fuse was labeled as audio and GEM radio, and another as just audio so I assumed that the fuse for GEM and audio was the front speakers and radio to lessen the load on the 7.5 amp fuse.
I's be willing to bet one for radio is just that, the audio radio. The GEM may have some feature running through it that maybe talked to the radio as a latching relay when Key/Off, until a door opened originally but should be separate otherwise.

And to be honest... look at an 25x4 amplifier and then look at any aftermarket radio and ask yourself why the heat sink is 4 times the size for the same power? lol, the 7.5a fuse can handle all the current draw.

Originally Posted by harlowe View Post
so you're saying that the entire issue may lie in the headunit itself? it's functioning correctly to the front, when I was checking the wires I was sure to tape so it shouldn't be possible to short out, about an of tape going past the connection in both directions
Could be a blown rear channels.. I think you have a few more things to check before we fully concern ourselves that the head unit fully took a crap on you.

And well depending on how secure the wires were twisted pair, you might be discouraged but happy to find a wire or two got tugged on and its just a simple connection issue. And not to insult you, but you did check to make sure the fader was in the center for the most part correct?

Originally Posted by harlowe View Post
I've got a volt meter somewhere to see that my next step was going to be to check adaptor wires to speakers for power, however if the problem is inside of the radio that probably won't show as getting power?
well just check for Ohms or continuity.. if you cant read either there's a broken wire or burned up voice coil.

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