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Default Re: rear speaker issues

I originally pulled the fuses to the radio to check for corrosion, saw that one truck fuse was labeled as audio and GEM radio, and another as just audio so I assumed that the fuse for GEM and audio was the front speakers and radio to lessen the load on the 7.5 amp fuse.

so you're saying that the entire issue may lie in the headunit itself? it's functioning correctly to the front, when I was checking the wires I was sure to tape so it shouldn't be possible to short out, about an of tape going past the connection in both directions

I've got a volt meter somewhere to see that my next step was going to be to check adaptor wires to speakers for power, however if the problem is inside of the radio that probably won't show as getting power?

Originally Posted by Undrstm8ed View Post
so did the display and front speakers still work?

If so, WHY in the world would you think its a fuse? [sigh]...

So if I am under correct assumption and the radio and the front speakers still work, we'll cut out the middleman problem by disconnecting one of the front speakers and both rear speakers. Watch your connections so you dont ground anything out and with just finger-connections [hold the wires] touch positive to positive and negative to negative.

Speaker work? Rear output of radio may be blown or an incorrect load may be applied [Wrong wiring (parallel vs a series connection) causing a thermal shut down, internal issue, inexpensive radio and QC got you a years worth of value.

Speaker not work? Possible a disconnection behind radio (may be resolved with first step), possible other mechanical interference, wire pulled out at speaker cone / terminal / connection points.

2nd form of speaker checking DVOM or if unavailable.. a AA or AAA battery will be able to "Burp" the speaker in at least one direction in which you would have to switch battery polarity to get the other direction if there is a cap, coil, both, or a Crossover attached.

if you have no power to the head unit then we'll have to consider other concern points.

let us know
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