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Default Re: Sony XAV-AX100 in a 99

Hi steezy,
I am relatively happy with the radio given my budget limitations. If you are willing to spend a bit more, there may be better options.

The sound quality is a bit off, if I didn't know better I'd say maybe I got the phasing wrong somewhere, but I was pretty careful to match up wire colors. When the truck is driving, the bass doesn't really come through very well. I can boost it with the equalizer, which helps. There are a couple "extra bass" settings, which are ok, but tend to muddy up the sound. There is also a "stage" feature, which I really don't like. I was always very happy with the OEM Ford sound. Some day, I'll buzz out the speaker wires and check the phasing. There are amp outputs, and I bet an external amp would fix it nicely. My new Mazda radio has a feature which automatically raises the volume as the vehicle speed goes up. I miss that in the truck.

My truck is a 99, and I was quite happy with the installation kit. I did have to modify the dash panel, cutting of the back edges of both the top and bottom of the mounting hole. Once I did that, the radio was recessed a bit further, but is solid in the dash.

With my polarized sunglasses, the display is hard to read. At night it's a bit bright. It would be a nice feature if there were customizable bright and dim settings, or an automatic mode. It is usable, however.

I never did get Android Auto to work 100%, but I've got to the point where, if I plug in the phone and it doesn't launch AA on the radio, I can disconnect, restart the phone, and reconnect and that will usually work. Voice to text is a hot mess, totally unusable. Voice calls are hit or miss, I don't think the radio/AA is using the radio microphone for calls. It works better just using the blue tooth connection without AA running on the radio. The consensus is that some of these problems are on the radio side. I did upgrade the firmware once, but it didn't really help that I could tell, maybe a little with connection issues. Having good, short USB cables is a must. I swapped the USB extension that came with the radio for a shorter USB 3 extension and got one of the recommended micro-USB cables. At some point, I will get together with my daughter and try Apple Carplay and see if that has it's act together better than Android Auto. For reference, I have an LG Stylo 2 phone running Android 7.

So, for $350, it's ok. If you have $500 or $600, I would look at Pioneer or Kenwood models. I didn't really have the budget for that.

Hope this helps,
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