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Default Re: Issue with lights morning after severe rainfall

Originally Posted by rtoth View Post

This is my first post so please bear with me. Original owner of 2010 Ranger Sport supercab W/4.0 and manual trans. No electrical mods whatsoever other than HID's installed in 2010 (And have since been isolated/disconnected in order to try and resolve this problem).
Over the course of Monday night, there was a severe downpour.
I woke up Yesterday morning and upon starting the truck to go to work, I realized that I had no headlights, running tail lights or dash cluster lights (All guages and trouble lights appear to work). Dome light and brake lights work. The factory radio would not turn on and the clock was not displayed on the screen. I had no choice but to head out. A short while down the road, the radio would begin to strobe green on and off sporadically, and eventually at more of a constant. I tried to flip the lights back on, and the radio would stop strobing and no still lights. Upon testing the fogs, they would flicker on and off but eventually stay off. I have so far removed the HID's and put back the oem bulbs. I have verified 14.3V at the battery while idling. I have tested all of the fuses. I have searched high and low for any sign of water infiltration in the cab and in any fuse boxes without success. Not sure where to turn at this point. Can someone comment if they know what all of the symptoms/failures have in common?...Perhaps a module that impacts power to the radio, running lights, dash lights and headlights? Blower, wipers, flashers and brake lights all work. I'd really appreciate anyone who has seen this before chime in. Thank-you!!!
your lights aren't an issue, and they would be on an output end of things not a power input or even anything that "could" interrupt a power circuit.. Assuming you have the 4cylinder - like the 4.0L and 3.0L there is a fuse that controls dash lights and headlights power. In the 4cylinder that power may be routed through a relay vs a fuse but it still should be in the underhood fuse block.

You are going to have to look for a FSM for the wiring diagrams for that year truck to simplify things.

EDIT:: I think the rain was just a coincidence unless you have a open circuit to ground in a trailer harness out back possibly but that would only affect the running lights. Something that drops power to all of what you say is a power fuse through the firewall.

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