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Default Re: Helper spring experiences

Originally Posted by Undrstm8ed View Post
. . . . I find it hard to believe that you've got no friends or family to loan you a tool or two if not just two ratchets - . . . .
Well on that bit, I don't find it hard to believe. I'm in the same boat he is in. I grew up with brothers that were mechanics and friends who all wrench in their backyards.
I've rebuilt some trannies and rebuild engines with them, but that's in the past now. They're all out of state now including my brother.. I don't have any friends or acquaintances now that like to work on their own Vehicles, save for one but he would never let anybody borrow any of his tools or offer to help them. On the plus side he is a phenomenal welder and would always love to do any kind of welding project so that's a nice trait to compensate at least.
But Anyway, my point is I know how he feels, I had to star searching garage sales for deals on tools when my brother left the state about 15 years ago. He was the last person around to help me work on cars.

Originally Posted by harlowe View Post
. . . . - from what I've gathered here you in fact do not, so your points are moot
my God man! The guy is trying to help you out, I don't know how you could gather from what he said that he had no experience. If anything what he would suggest the complete opposite. Either way show a little bit of respect to the people that are going out of their way to really help you especially when you see that they are so thoroughly typing so much for you.

Originally Posted by Undrstm8ed View Post

. . . .

I wasnt trying to bullshit you to put a box under your arm. I was giving you facts and experience, that IS what you asked for is it not?

Figure it out the hard way then...
You know what's the old saying? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Anyway, I appreciate the information that you had posted. The main reason why I found this was that I was interested in the same subject. However I actually want to increase my payload capacity for towing and Hauling. The last piece of the puzzle for my tow package that I created is the rear suspension. I got a lot of different advice on what to do, including one person suggested not even replacing the springs or adding helpers but to go the route of adding airbags to the existing suspension. Their logic was that if the ride is acceptable now I could always deflate bags and let the stock suspension do its work when I'm not towing and just inflate them when I am Towing. I don't know I'm still debating things, luckily I haven't even bought, the trailer yet.

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