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Default Re: Wet floor, sloshing sound, no drainage from the wiper cowl --> fix

Originally Posted by AlexD View Post
Not that lucky, it is not fixed, but I think I found the problem... water is coming through the back, either the rear window or the brake light. I couldn't see in the dark but I could see the roof lining on the back of the passenger side is damp... it also dripped on the back of the passenger seat cuz it was far back.

I think I'll duck tape it until the next rain is over... will be here in two days and I have no time to mess with this now.

Hey man- I’m late to the party, but you might check out the seal around your little suicide doors if you have them. I thought I had a brake light leak or rear cab window leak, but really my door wasn’t shutting properly. Best of luck.

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