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Default Rustproofing started

Started rustproofing the new to me 09 Ranger. Made my own from motor oil, toilet bowl seal, scented candle for firmness. Frame temp is around 35 degrees. Used a paint brush to apply and hot solution. As soon as it touches the metal it begins to cool down and firm up making it difficult to spread. One benefit is this makes for a thick coat of goo. Total cost for this experiment was $1.79usd.

The first batch stays soft so the next batch will be formulated differently using Lucas Sticky grease and paraffin so that the coating will be more firm, yet still somewhat soft and won't crack. Cost will be around $7usd a batch. If I can figure out how to spray it, it will go long way. Figure cost to do the entire vehicle will be well under $30usd.

The stuff does not come off easily and will likely put up with under carriage washings for a few years.
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