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Default Re: 2006 FX4 Level 2 Overland Rig


Why gut out the Cat?

If you were running some form of Forced induction whether mechanical or Liquid, I'd be on board but since you're not, and likely won't the slight reduction in back pressure just to give you a little more ooomph at closer to 3 digit speeds vs the overall reduction of lower end TQ losses doesn't seem applicable in an overland or offroad scenario.

Also, without any real way of "tuning" the system out properly in a way that just takes your Overland Rig into a whole other direction. The small if any benefit isn't worth the effort. Its just simply NOT that restrictive of an item. Throw your Magnaflow on there, its designed to give you the slight increase in power and TQ and tone based upon a Stock scenario, I sell MF. if you could actually see an 1-2 Hp change and any usable change in
the TQ curve on a real dyno pull let alone the ass-dyno.. it would be a miracle.

I'm not telling you what to do, i'm just pointing out some facts that you could take time, energy, and some funds and do better things with your rig and because the new closed loop systems using an AFR sensor (O2, or Lamda) to make darn sure you are wasting enough gas to keep the cat hot. without the CAT there even with MIL sensors to fake out the system you'll likely be blowing as much or more unspent fuel through the system.

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