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Default Re: Wet floor, sloshing sound, no drainage from the wiper cowl --> fix

I have the same exact problem.. Mine is a 2004 single cab that had like 1/4 inch water... after I dried it out, I went after this panel cover... it was a pain in the arse to remove the fuse box (I have no idea how the cover goes in and out) anyway, I disconnected the wire that goes to the battery and removed the bracket and fuse box all together.
With that out of way, I went looking inside that compartment and it seemed more or less clean, but I cleaned some stuff and pushed a wire down there... the wire can be seen between the fender and body when looking thru the door. Great, I said, it looks unobstructed.. at least the driver side.
Next I went to the passenger side... there is nothing close the fender that can be removed... there is the access to the wiper arm connection but that is too far (almost 2 ft) from the side.. Then I removed the fuse box cover on passenger side, looked behind the vinyl cover and padding, on the firewall, all dry. It was wet under the fuse box and the floor... I sucked all the water out with a shop vaccuum and that was it for the day: it was dark and could not work in there.
I didn't have enough time to remove the fender - I was really going for it ...
I also took out that small plastic pan under the fender and that was nasty, loaded with moisty mud, so I cleaned that up...

With all that done, I threw the towel for the day (evening) and grabbed a pitcher that holds a gallon the water and dumped over the cowl grille, towards the passenger side... Funny thing is that no water came on the outside, under the fender through that plastic cup on the passenger side, however, there was a lot of water that came on the driver side through the cup.

So my initial conclusion is that there is no exit on the passenger side and all water will run through the driver side... which it's been cleared and hopefully will solve the problem .... (

Really, I shall know tomorrow after the rain that is supposed to be here during the night. Will update here then...
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