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Default 94 2.3 fuel problem

every so often my ranger would not want to start, i sometimes could get it to go by using either or putting a charger on battery for more boost, makes no sence cause its a new battery but thats what was happening, mostly when it was really cold out. well now it wont start at all, will fire off of the either but one the either is used up thats it. i do hear noise from the fuel pump area when key is first turned on, like its building pressure then shutting off, but theres no fuel at schrader valve on fuel rail or underneath when i took line off of back side of fuel filter. i bypassed the shut-off inertia switch and that did nothing, i do think pump must be dead, not sure why it makes noise like its pressurizing then clicking off but no fuel at fuel filter. is there any in-line pump i could buy to put underneath? bad time of year to pull the bed, must have 300# of stuff back there right now, cant drop the tank, its a 20 gallon from a '97 and while its securly mounted, its not really possible to drop it- and its full of fuel. if i have no choice but to put a new pump in tank, whats the best one? i damn sure dont want to do this again..... miss the days of a engine mounted pump that took 2 clamps, 2 bolts, 30 bucks and about 30 min to swap out...
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