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Default Any Ideas for side mirrors?

Okay so I woke up Wednesday morning (1-17-18) after the snow storm and went to clean off my car. I started brushing the snow away from the windshield and I notice that the glass was shattered on my driver side, side view mirror. So I was thinking about upgrading it, rather than just straight-out replacement. My Ranger is a 1993 4 wheel drive with power mirrors. So I was thinking about maybe going on eBay and buying heated glass mirror element to go with it as well. But I don't know how useful that would really be. I also considered buying the mirror with the blinker in it. Again I'm not sure how useful that would be too. Then I remembered how I read an upgrade to puddle lamps by swapping mirrors, after the elbow, from an Explorer with puddle lamps. That I know would be useful to me. I started to look for used Explorer mirrors with puddle lamps. Does anybody know the range of the years that would fit my Ranger? I noticed that late 90s early 2000 explorers have the heated mirror options. I have no idea of those would fit or should I just forget about it all, and just get a direct mirror replacement for what I have..
OPINIONS would be appreciated

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