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Default Re: lost 2 cylinders....

after nearly a month, its back on the road again,had a bad head gasket, blown between 3 & 4, and was eroded clear to a oil retun passage. head was found to be cracked across every valve seat, and a junkyard head was found to be in the same condition. ended up getting a autozone reconditioned head with valves already in it, that was 300+ bucks but a new head complete with cam was over 500. also put in new water pump, timing belt, timing belt tenstioner, thermostat, and a oil change after i got it running again. fired it up last night about 10:30, like most 2.3's it seems to run on the cool side, even with a new thermostat, only issue ive really seen is that the oil pressure reading isnt as high as it was before all this, could be the sender, i dont know. i did change the oil after its first warm up, 5w30 pennzoil. nothing is knocking or tapping like a oil pressure issue, guess i'll just watch and see what happens. nice to be able to go through all 5 gears again and not be stopped at 3rd with a max speed of 40. took some pictures before putting cap back on, kind of like the look of it without the cap but need the weight for the snow thats here now and its nice to keep the bed cleaner this way, i had took it off mainly because i was putting all the parts in the bed while i worked on it and it was alot easier to just reach over the side vs going through the back.
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