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Default Re: FRF Watercooler / BS Thread 2016 (V2.0)

Originally Posted by JAMMANICA View Post
If you try hard enough you can get any ball joint to fail in 2 years.

Or cheap ones can last forever

Hard to say, depends on how you treat them.

I had a neighbor in middle school who would break his dirt bikes predictably 2 weeks after his father bought them or sooner.

After about 4 bikes his dad stopped buying them, told his son "you aren't ready for a motorcycle" and Scott retorted "No dad, the motorcycles aren't ready for me".

True story.
I agree. It's not like I'm out there launching the truck. Or wheeling it, it's a 2wd open diff. I had the factory ones in there for about 3 years before it was time on those. I didn't expect to get 15 years out of the next set, but more than 2 would have been good...

Granted in the last two years I did level the front end, but I put in the proper camber bushings and had it aligned and put bigger tires on it (235/70/15's) But really, from new to sloppy that fast?
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