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Default Re: Motor mount problems 97 v8 into 2000

OK contact Rick for the plates:

If it was born with a 2.5 you can use the 2.5 mounts believe it or not but you will have an easier time if you slot the motor mount plate for the driver side (the one with the spacer. Slot the plate only the spacer can be used as is) a quarter inch away from the block toward the motor mount slots (right to left) and bandsaw a 1/4" off the back that hits the motor. Goes right on the 2.5 mounts.

Most articles say you need the 4.0 mounts. Guess what. The passenger mount for the 4.0 is the same as the 2.5 mount for the passenger side.

If it was born with a 3.0 good luck finding a driver mount, I bought one with the right ford number on the box but it was an explorer mount. You can't trust the number on the box, it was from ford and sealed.

Rick says you can use the 3.0 mounts if you exclude the spacer on the drivers side. I have not tried it myself mine was born with a 2.5.

I doubt if your 2000 coil spring ranger was born with a 4.0. There is a place on e-bay that claims to have 2000 coil spring 4.0 mounts but if you look at the numbers they are the same for the 2.5 mounts. More mysteries.

They don't look like the right mounts from the picture but this is the only thing I could ever find that said coil spring 4.0 mounts for those years:

Here is what I know for a fact.
the passenger side mount for a 2.5 is identical to the passenger side mount for a 4.0 in a 2000 coil spring ranger.

Explorer mounts will certainly not work on the coil spring swap. The mount angle to the motor is WAY off. I have had them in there I know.

The ricks plates work, they set the motor a 1/2 inch higher which clears the rack and pinion but only with the steel oil pan. The cast aluminum one will hit trust me.

Your trans mount will work with a 4R70W automatic and cross member, you will need a 1/2" spacer between the cross member and the trans mount though.

The stock exhaust manifolds off the expo will work but are restrictive. Good luck finding FMS or torque monster headers I bought a used set of FMS and paid 500 bucks for them.

My motor is in and fits, I'm stalled again with another 4.0 swap before I can finish my 5.0 but it is in there and bolted down.
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