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Default Re: Are you watching this shit unfold...?

I dunno, Its starting to seem by MSM reports, cop videos on youtube, and ANTIFA knuckleheads that being conservative, white, Christian, or older isnt a great time to be any of those let alone any combination thereof.. God forbid you have a disability to boot. You're for sure to be shot lol.

Seriously though, the division of people these days is at an all time high. I've never witnessed so much animosity or overall racial tension in all my life... and RACE is NO WHERE more of an issue than back in the 60's.. but these people today beating on the drums they do. I mean shit, 2/3 of these dipshits arent even sure what bathrooms they should be using let alone understanding life yet. I over hear young adults from 10 on up to 25 yrs old talking as though their worlds are ending. YOU HAVENT even been alive long enough to see a hardship yet. Someone deleted you as a FB friend that you liked and now the worlds over? Or because 200 years ago history happened and now you think you're entitled to reparations from todays world?

I feel a tangent coming on..

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