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Default Re: Are you watching this shit unfold...?

I thought some people may find this interesting.. maybe not if they dont get it or understand to begin with but...

Just in case you want a "Government" source for authenticity.

but for simple measures.

And for the lazy...

This is why I and so many others argue and question; "Do you think a "corporation" should under the threat of violence or coercion be able to MAKE you a CUSTOMER or purchase its SERVICES ?"

If Macy's, Taco Bell, or Walmarts can't do it why and how does the DMV? The lower Courts (think traffic, intercity) ? Or how about the touchy subject for many of "Child Support Enforcement"..

Oh.. I guess if I was to put the word Federal, State, County, City of xxxxxxxxx, or Government anything in the title then relevance of self proclaimed 'Authority' completely makes sense.

They are all individual corporations, all of them which is why you can sue them. They are not protected by the 11th amendment and NEITHER is any agent operating within their personal capacity which is far outside of their official capacities. Not a Judge, Not a policy enforcer, not a court clerk, not a mayor, not a senator, or even a Governor. ALL CAN BE SUED for not protecting your rights. (ONLY reason why its not seen often is because of both bad publicity giving people the idea that it can be done and much like that "thin-blue line" bullshit, very few other lawyers want to take down one of their own in order to protect a paycheck, FACT #3) But so many people are so stupid and dumbed down and meek, they roll over and take it in the ass like little bitches. The precept of being a (Wo)Man is all wrong, stemming from poorly illustrated TV shows and HollyWeird, especially when you enter a court. Few have the balls to stand up to a so called judge (administrator) cause they have no knowledge of their rights at all or where to start to begin with so they do like all the other lemmings.. get in line like all the others.

I'll be happy to smack your paradigms around in your safe space..

There is a legal term called; "fruit of the poisonous tree". it means a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source (the "tree") of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted, then anything gained (the "fruit") from it is tainted as well.

If you can find ANY lie or fraud in Government, its ALL a lie or fraud, thats another FACT by its own so called legal counsels admission. You can not make laws or things that circle around to nothing. That's another metaphor called a "snake eating its own tail".

YOU PEOPLE and those before us created 'Government' which WE THE PEOPLE control it. They are "public servants" most of which their jobs are to protect the rights of the people and property, and thats IT. They serve NO OTHER purpose than that of administration. They get their authority from us the people whether individually or collectively. And that even breaks down further in an effort to continue protecting your rights.

YOU can not control what you have not created.. Thats why our 3 most prestigious documents have always put God - Man - Government in that order. Whether you believe in God or a creator outside of your parental units is a moot point and NOT on the table as a talking point right now. Most cant recite 2 of their so called amended rights that ARENT in the MSM news and then you want to argue semantics of higher powers?

Stop it..
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