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Default Re: Are you watching this shit unfold...?

Originally Posted by EaOutlaw1969 View Post
Our Government is perfect, they know what is best for you.
Actually, our government is by and large, every bit as corrupt as the government over in Russia. The only glaring difference between them and us is, their gov't doesn't go as far to hide the corruption as ours does, that's all. As for JFK, it's worth noting that he was the last guy to stand up to the evil Federal Reserve bank, remember this (words above, "The United States of America", not the same as what's in everyone wallet today)?...

And not too long after he started pushing to knock down the Fed......he got rolled. Coincidence? We'll never know.

*You might like this informative video, explains how we got to where we are today in words that a high school kid can understand. The Rothchilds, Rockefellers, DEMOCRAT Woody Wilson and the Fed, the part about "the bank" funding both sides of the war wayyyy back and how they made a megaton of money by doing so, it's all in there and so much more. Enjoy the video, IMO they should tune this up a bit and make it required viewing for all HS students in this country. Then again, knowledge is power and knowledge might cause an upset, and Lord does it get ugly when people rebel against the US govt (for example, The Order, C1984).

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