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Default Re: Are you watching this shit unfold...?

So without adding to the fear-porn.. This isnt a political post, this is a post showing those something they may not be aware of and how its going to effect everyone involved in the automotive industry from Dealerships, to parts stores, insurance, those that rely on anything automotive related to do their own jobs.

Not to mention, if you have any concept of why we're in the middle east other than some threat exist there let me be the first to explain a viable theory to you.

- 1913 the Federal Reserve is put in place
- 1921 the Federal Reserve is replaced by the IMF
- 1933 President Roosevelt takes the US off the gold standard
- 1963 President Kennedy takes the US off the Silver standard
- 1971 President Nixon takes the world off the gold standard.

In 1971 is where the US dollar becomes backed by what? Pat yourself on the back if you said the "Petrol Dollar"...

The deal was this; those in the middle East had the oil, we knew how to get it out of the ground. For that reciprocal exchange of benefits, those interested in purchasing oil out of the middle east had to exchange their currency for and trade in US currency.

The US interest in the middle East is OUR relationship to the oil, we lose that control, we as 5% of the worlds population using more than 26% of the worlds resources (allegedly) and our currency and economy fails. The whole monetary system world wide crashes, people go into a panic and Crete, Greece, and Italy's euro issues look like pizza parties at chucky cheese.. This would be a likely scenario for a worldwide economic crash. Hence why China, Russia, India, Brazil, and 17 other countries started BRIC's, their version of the IMF.

Literally we cant stop the momentum of the machine yet to avoid this crash worldwide and they know it. Thats why your "money" isnt worth a tenth of the shit you think it is. Use an inflation calculator, put in a 100 dollars in the year you were born and today, then switch the dates... yea, its that bad. on the way to .

So, it beckons answers of why we're seeing this reported

There are ZERO coincidences in life, let alone geo-politics.. You're witnessing and a part of history as this unfolds.
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