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Default Re: And the scams continue,,,,,,

Like John, I don't subscribe to much either. 4.5 years ago I really put reeling in all social networks and anything in the public. It took me several legal notices and lawsuit threats and 8 mos to get off Facebook totally. I dont use my address for ANY mail atleast not associated with my personal name. Skipped the PO box and just have everything sent to General Delivery like it used to be.. Until they [try to] make it a law that I have to accept mail.. I dont get a whole lot of anything and when I do its 95% legit. Your home address, 2 letter State ID, and zip code mean a heck of a lot more than you think.

Places that you shop at that ask your zip or phone number, I tell them I'm not interested they skip right over any screen prompts and go to a cash sale. My paper trails are minimal if at all in some cases.

People think they shop for commodities and products where in truth WE are the commodities. Corporations and business compete and pay for your information. the fact so many people are so much in a hurry to do nothing they click whatever TOS agreements necessary and give up SO much information without really understanding or knowing it.

Gawd I feel a rant coming up soon...
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