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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

My now retired maintenance chief (boss) decided to throw everyone of my coworkers under the bus. She gave my lead worker three bad evaluations even though he's covering three sometimes four positions including water treatment. Our best seasonal was told about how good a job she was doing but got listed as no rehire. She had to cover for another seasonal who missed three weekends and numerous other days then got hurt. She tried to throw me under the bus but it wouldn't look good doing that to the guy who worked three 16 hour shifts and works over almost everyday and has no problem running the vacuum truck and vacuum boat. My lead was also working late shifts on weekends and i had one good seasonal on early shift with me covering the park while i did my weekly pumping operations.

Bosses opinion.... Nobody did any work even though we had a record revenue season and very limited staff.

Good thing her boss knew the amount of work we had just to maintain a functional park with an insane amount of visitation due to all the county parks with water access being closed.
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