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Default Re: Trying to knock out shifter pins?

I wondered about the too many washers part, though do you know if that only affects pushing the shifter in one direction? As you can see, middle to right is incredibly responsive and feels like normal.

Now, getting into gear, that wasn't mentioned, but it's funny you should mention this; first gear sometimes can really want to push back when i try and select it, sometimes it's fine, but more often than now, i'm there "persuading" it and gently wiggling/hoping for it to allow me into the synchros.

I can select all gears without the engine running about as sucesfully as it is in other transmissions.

When i tested the fluid in the brake reservoir it's showing water and really in need of flushing, so i'll be doing that.

The clutch reservoir looks filthy..... so yeah, got to look how to do that.
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