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Default Re: Trying to knock out shifter pins?

It looks like you have too many washers.

I have seen mechanics and diy owners do crazy thing to these shifters.

If both your bushings top and bottom were there and in good shape yet it was hard to get in gear the shifter may not be your issue.

Now that you have one or two new bushings in it with more washers than it came with originally the shifter will not return to neutral position.

I would remove any washers that came with the kit and only use what was intere to start with. This should get the shifter returning to neutral.

If you still find it hard to get it in gear when driving what does it do with the engine off?

With the engine off and your foot on or off the clutch the gears should shift easily try them all.

If they do shift good with the engine off but not when it is running you may have a clutch issue.

I have seen these transmission with wore out lower bushings and people take the upper bushing and install it in the lower spot without a upper bushing to save amtrip to the parts store.

My point is the shifter in these trucks are pretty forgiving the synchronizes and clutch master and slave cylinders are not so forgiving.

If you have air in the master or slave cylinder it will be hard to shift.

If the gears have been ground all to hell and back from air in the clutch release system your synchronizers will suffer severely.


If you really want it right with all the correct washers you will have to source a Motorcraft kit.

Or just pay up for a Hurst shifter and be done with a unreliable shifter.
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