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Default Re: Trying to knock out shifter pins?

The guide i found states how many flat washers (i don't think i have any) how many wavy washers should be in there, including the order - technically, there should be a wavy washer and a flat washer underneath that lower bushing, i will guess there is neither, i don't think i have any flat washers.

Order from top to bottom = wavy washer, flat washer, bushing, bushing, flat washer, then wavy washer.

My Dorman kit does have two new wavy washers and two new bushings, 2 new pins, top cap and a smaller rubber "cap" that i don't see where it could go.

Thanks for the tip to get the pins out, but i can't see me being able to manage that specific technique

I did have a poke around at that lower bushing as the daylight faded, but i wasn't convinced enough to pry it out, i guess if the new one is pliable enough, i might be able to place it in there by bending it, but not the washers.
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