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Default Re: Trying to knock out shifter pins?

Your lower bushing looks good still, you could and should just leave it alone.

As far as the spring washers that may take some experimenting you want the shifter tight enough to get rid of any play but the shifter needs to spring back to the neutral position.

I know when I used both washers and both new bushings my shifter was too tight. I think I only needed one washer and both new bushings

To get my pins out I used my heat gun,a nice drift pin punch, some aluminum foil and a small socket a medium size ball peen hammer.

First I stuffed the hole with foil to prevent anything from falling in the transmission I used my heat gun with a pin point tip on it to heat the aluminum slightly, I slide my small socket over the pin and my drift pin punch in the hole of the socket to prevent the punch from sliding off the pin. Then I beat the crap out of my punch and watched the pin slowly start to move and was able to remove the socket and just use the hammer and punch to remove it the rest of the way.

The new pins that came with the kit were too small for a tight fit in the transmission so I cleaned the few nicks on the pins from tapping them out and rotated the slightly damaged area downward to prevent my shifter grinding on these spots.

Putting the old pins in the freezer for a little while will make them easier to install .

One warning that lower bushing may be very brittle and could crumble and fall in the transmission while trying to fill the hole.

When I did my bushing I saw the bushing just like you see yours, I stuffed the hole with foil like I mentioned removed the pins carefully removed the foil then I could not find the bushing anywhere not even the slightest sign of it in or around the shifter forks.

Yes my bushing could have came out when I removed the foil and fell on top of the transmission somewhere yet in the back of my mind I think it is in pieces somewhere inside my transmission but I will never know.

Btw in the past when using a Motorcraft OEM kit I was normally able to use both new bushings and washers I think the aftermarket kits are just a little different in size.
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