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Default Re: How many members got a PM from Ella ?

Originally Posted by johnday View Post
I've gotten a few weird things happening here lately. I'm so paranoid anymore with spoofing, robocalls, and all that crap, he, she, or it, might have tried in some form or fashion, but I would have ignored it and erased it anyway. Who really knows what the ultimate outcome may be.
For all I know, this "Ella", is just another Nigerian POS.
No need to be paranoid, most of what you describe is automated BS..

If anything you should be angry and I'll explain why. Every time I go somewhere, the bank, pharmacy, some random shop it amazes me and behooves me to understand all of these people who will smile at you and say "by the way Sir, YOU do know you can do that online right? Or you can read/view/inquire from our website?

I once told the girl at Chase Bank several years ago.. I said "I'm sorry to be frank and bold but you do realize the more things you push off to your website and automated phone systems the faster you'll be pushing yourself out of a job right? I mean if all of a sudden everyone starts using the automated systems and website exclusively, who needs you?!"

she paused, and then the look of worry drained into her face.. 7 months later she was no longer there. She could have found something else with more job security, moved to another branch, got fired.. who knows my point was still proven.

I lived in Detroit, was and have always been involved in the Automotive industry, and I watched all of that industry leave or fade away one company after another except for a few fleeting ones I have contacts at and although things are better since 2007 forward, most definitely not the same passions or drive in any of it except for the struggle itself. So for me to see people lose jobs over automation kind of bug me. But its a double edged sword too cause people are certainly a lot more lazy in life because whats to train when all you have to teach them is to say, you can do that online, or do it yourself..

Do you really think the intent for self checkout was to serve you better in waiting times or to actually make you pay top dollar for a product after you fetched it, now you can be your own clerk so we dont have to hire and pay people or pay benefits to anyone and just stick that profit margin a little higher..


My parents to this day still dont answer phone calls, especially if they're solicitor types yet bitch and moan everyday the calls get more frequent and annoying. I told my Mom, ANSWER the damn phone, and through a few keystrokes or a person there you can make them stop if not from disinterest from harassment itself.

They've finally started listening to me and stopped blowing schoolyard Coach whistles in the phone at least....

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