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Default Re: Creepy to know they are watching you.

Originally Posted by cowboybilly9mile View Post
Stingray, and IMO that one is pretty sinister. Strange that people (in this forum too) don't believe that one when our own gov't in fact, doesn't deny it (but won't confirm/deny full particulars). Again, evil, it's a data miner, collecting data "just in case" someone commits a crime.
Cognitive dissonance is a bitch when you imply difference or implode someones paradigm. I know I still have my fans on here from my NON compliance and still unregistered vehicle(s)..

Originally Posted by johnday View Post
No flaming, but let us not forget the "Patriot" act that made a lot of this OK. I'm not gonna argue about it.
Thats only a part of it.. so much more. Feel free to look up "Northwoods project" and let your natural mathing skills go to work as intended..

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