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Default Creepy to know they are watching you.

This may have happened to some of you in the past but I was surprised when I got a PM on another Ford Ranger Forum that I subscribe to.

The message was from Ella that claimed she works Diagnostic tool manufactures and wanted to know if I would review a scan tool for their company.

She even indicated that after the first review she may send me other diagnostic tools for review some of which may eventually be "high end" pro level diagnostic tools.

Yes I post many threads on many different forums and normally with the same or similar user name yet I was caught off guard that they contacted me through a forum.

I have heard of companies offering free product samples in exchange for a review on Amazon if you have enough educational reviews posted there.

Yet I never heard of them reaching out to people on forums before.

I took a look at the code reader they will be sending and it looks just like every other inexpensive scan tool that could be purchased for less than 40 bucks.

I am sure it will be one of my most prized tools in my tool box not just because it was free but because how I obtained it.

However once I get done testing it and if it survives I will offer it up to a fellow Ford Ranger owner for free that actually needs it for us to continue helping them with diagnosing their current problem and does not own one already.

Here is a link to the scanner they will be sending.

Its funny the scan tool has 6 reviews and you can tell each and every reviewer must has received this scan tool for free by posting their review.

They specifically asked me to post a review on the other Forum I frequent but I will post one here as well yet you can bet your ass my review will be nothing like the fake reviews found on Amazon if it flat out sucks and does not meet my expectations and does not do what they say it will my review will clearly indicate its deficiency's and or flaws.

This is the list of primary functions that they claim .

If it does each and every function well and can put up with some abuse that I am going to put it through I will be happy to give them a five star review.

Prime Functions
Read DTCs
Clear DTCs
Read MIL
View freeze frame data
I/M readiness monitor status
Display live data stream
O2 sensor data
On-board monitoring test
Read pending codes
Read permanent codes
Read vehicle information
Multilinguil user interface
Internet up gradable

Anyways it is kind of creepy to suspect all along we are being watched, now that I know for sure we are being watched I am not sure what to think.

Moral of this story is watch what you post here because you never know who has their eye on you.
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