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Default Re: FRF Watercooler / BS Thread 2016 (V2.0)

Originally Posted by RoberticusMaximus View Post
I got one for 20 over, well I told the cop I was joyriding and he wrote a ticket for 9 over so iit wouldn't go against me lol

I told him I was headin to the beach bein stupid speeding. Idk what he clocked me at but he wrote me for 70. Not exactly sure what speed I was traveling but I was rollin pretty good for the past hour before I ran into him. Went around a slight curve and he popped up over the hill and got me. First time getting pulled since I got my conceal carry permit but he didn't care.

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Originally Posted by 2004 fx4 level II
fuckin Nissan shhhiitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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