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Originally Posted by rob34d View Post
I am thinking about buying a 2002 3.0 Ext Cab and I would like to know if there is a website where, by entering the VIN, you can download a list of the parts and components of the original vehicle.
Yours is new enough that you MIGHT be able to go to a Ford Dealership and talk to a Sales manager and they CAN go back so far and actually print you a copy of the original Marony sticker that was in the window the day it hit the lot.

You'll need the VIN and possibly registration to the vehicle to prove its yours and your not some random fruit,m nut, or flake trying to do some dastardly terrorist action of sorts thanks to all this Patriot Act bullshit

We used to do it more often than you think at the Ford Dealership I worked at.. You should still have a couple more years before its not possible on your year. My 93 was way to old to do in 2014
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