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Default Re: Evap Core Replacement

Originally Posted by Akrowdya78 View Post
...... I don't want to sell it without AC. ......
You're in Ohio, not Arizona. so with this in mind, unless you want to perform the rather easy part replacement (I can understand you may want a shop to charge it), do you feel that paying $600 will up the value of the vehicle by $600, thus making the fix worthwhile? And a fix from a guy who let you down once when he shouldn't have? Suppose it's a $.50 o-ring leaking and this guy isn't sharp enough to catch something easy to isolate, and maybe more important, why didn't he spend <30 minutes just replacing them like a good service tech would?

*Not only should this mechanic have used a sniffer and yeah, I know they work but can be tempermental and take some patience, but they also tend to leak oil at the source of the leak.
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