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Originally Posted by ericgantt8 View Post
Thank you that was very helpful I ended up getting a 3 inch keys front shocks and rear shocks im gonna take out the 2 inch block in the rear and add one solid 3 inch block in the back and eventually im gonna put the 3 inch spindle on it but I got sent some shocks for the 3 imch lift and the mechanic saying there not long enough but the top gun customs from eBay are saying it is comfirm fit fromt and back shocks for three inch lift so I'mma looking for another mechanic to get a second opinion
Be careful with those keys. Aftermarket Torsion keys are more of a scam than a lift, especially on a pre 2008 truck like yours. All you can really get out of the stock suspension, before causing a lot of excess wear and an unbearable ride, is 1.5-2" of adjustment. The lift keys will do this for you, but you can also do this using the stock torsion keys for free. Aftermarket keys also allow you to "over adjust" the suspension, and cause problems down the road. So, in short, they work best in moderation (i.e., don't actually try and get a full 3" out of them)
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