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Default Re: "Unauthorized vehicles prohibited"

Originally Posted by FireRanger View Post
That kind of sign is usually one put up by a state, city, or public utility. It is probably an access road to utilities, or a service road for municipal use. Private property is usually just a simple "NO TRESPASSING".

Either way, it is trespassing.
Best overall answer.. ^

If its private property, depending on the state you're in. The owner can and may take a forceful action in defending his property. My neighbors know if someone climbs my walls, thats likely as far as "they" may get... Well posted on my 3 acre property that not only is it marked every 35 yards that its private property NO TRESPASSING, camera's are in full use on the property and record all actions.

As far as the signs you mentioned that are put up by a state, city, or public utility. Its restrictions can also be considered a form of trespassing but as a few others mentioned, most times as long as you're not caught destroying property willfully or doing dumbshit like donuts in the dirt just wrecking the landscape for a cheap thrill.. the typical GTFO

:: Breaking the law?

First you'd be really surprised to find out what is actually a "law" Vs Statutory Code, Ordinance, an Act, or simply someones rule or policy. They all have different legal definitions and carry different actions and weights "lawfully" and just because someone says something is a "law" doesn't mean it is. In fact I would almost insist you look up the words legal & illegal in regards as to what is lawful and or unlawful. To put that into a perspective all should overstand; At one time it used to be "LEGAL" to own slaves, doest mean it was "LAWFUL to do so.. Lawful adds a morality to the situation whereas at any given point.. Some dumb-shit bureaucrat can make anything "legal or Illegal" from day to day just for the purpose of revenue generation or to suit the agenda that individual may have.

I.G. - Basic Speed Law; Find one for me.. anywhere.. any state Dont care. Then we can argue law vs Statutory codes and what breaking the law "REALLY" is vs violating someone's "Code" within the Uniform Commercial Code BS. Most if not almost all but those of us who actually read law dont know what they dont know, just what they been taught by observation and bad example .....

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