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Default Re: lift kit question 02 2wd ranger edge

Originally Posted by Jwhitt1990 View Post
I also have an add a leaf kit under the leaf you can find 3inch spindle lift kits on eBay some come with shocks


I have 31 all terrain that don't look small at all
Your XLT sits about 2" lower than his but your coil spacers do help make up the difference.

Originally Posted by ericgantt8 View Post
I have torsion bar suspicion but I got 32s mud tires on it and I didn't know if 4inch spindle would be too high make tires look small so I was thinking a 3inch spindle but I can't find anywhere that will tell me what size shocks to get for the back if I get the 4 inch spindle so you have 2 inch shackle and a block both under the leaf
Personally, I would not stack blocks. Axle wrap can become and issue and if you blocks are aluminum, well, it is not as hard as steel they may deform over time.

The neat thing about lifting a 2wd is it is really inexpensive compared to the 4wd trucks. I have 7" of lift which cost right about $700 in parts.

Here is what I did to lift my 2wd Edge:

4" Lift spindles from WheelNParts (found on eBay/Amazon, the ones sold by Maxtrac are the exact same). Came with a 2" lift shackle for the rear - $320

This is what I used:

The rear will be a tad bit lower than the front. I had 33x10.5's but you should look something like this...

If you add a short AAL (add a leaf) the truck return to the factory rake. I paid $40 for some random eBay leaf.

If you decide your truck is not tall enough then you can pick up a Performance Accessories 3" body lift for about $300.

This is before the AAL but you get the idea....

Then you should be able to clear 35's without rubbing (provided you have the proper backspacing).

Spindle lifts do not alter the geometry of your front suspension and since the body lift only lifts the body off the frame new shocks in the front are not needed. I did run the factory shocks in the rear for a while with the AAL and shackle without any negative effects bu8t swapped them out for some Superlift 4" lift shocks from Summit Racing eventually.

Hopefully whoring out my truck helped give you an idea of what you want to do. As stated before you can crank your torsion bars for an additional 2" up front. An alignment is highly recommended afterwards. Also, if you end up installing lift spindles the recommendation is to replace your ball joints and tie rod ends at the same time since you have to tear the truck down that far anyway.

This is what I used:
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