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Default Re: NOLA-based Ranger being prepared for expedition

Originally Posted by Old Bob View Post
A fantastic vehicle – well done. Just one short look at your details, and I'm already getting a sense of direction, especially that all-in-one tent-camper as an option. Thanks. One thing I will do for sure, which it appears you have done: take it easy and think things out before taking action. I'm not particularly interested in looking pretty. I just want simple, dependable practicality.
Yea, the Flip-Pac has some really cool features but yet at the same time I've made some upgrades to it and still yet to be performed. I actually have one of the older units [20+ yrs old] and I have less problems than the guys with units less than 4 years old.

Unfortunately they went out of business around 10+ months ago and the best you could hope for is to find an older unit being sold as they do kind of move about OR hoping someone over at AT gets a wild hair in their arse and decides to make a more universal version of "the HABITAT" which in honesty I think is a better design of something quite similar. Unfortunately all they cater to is the Toyota Taco fanboys and as of my last communications with them a couple months ago, only thoughts have been given consideration, no defined plans. Why they would not be interested in market growth either I dont understand their business model. My Flip-Pac is more universal, fits in anything with a 6' ft bed. Doesnt matter if its my Ford, a Nissan, Toyota, or a Mazda based platform. THAT.. Flip-Pac did have going for them.

They actually used to be a Flip-Pac dealer, the largest I beleive at one time and through a falling out because Flip-Pac likely wouldnt make any changes that were crucial to not only market growth but actual annoyances that could easily with revision changes made a lot more people happy than irritated. Their customer service severely lacked. AT I think struggled with it and finally said they would make their own and with the necessary design changes to make a better unit.

I personally don't know many people there other than Paul or deal with them directly but I do with Norweld from Australia. They make more of a All aluminum flatbed with a [removable] aluminum canopy if you like but again.. all three units come in well near the $6k mark and a serious investment as well a commitment to that vehicles use.

I like the fact that I can camp anywhere I can park my vehicle.

I take a little more of a SHTF approach and self preservation, with sustainability to my mods.. -minus the car audio aspects but sanity is dear to me. My days of trendsetting I think are beyond my days unless you come from or understand a preppers mindset and see that within my build purpose.

They laugh, point, some just shake their heads but I'm actually prepared for more than just adventures..

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