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Unhappy 2.3 ltr starting issues.

engine starts with remote hooked to solenoid mounted on wheel well. my battery checke in at 13.6 volts. replaced the ignition switch due to other issues. replaced the key lock cylinder because the key was constantly sticking once put in. had to pry the key out several times. turn new key on, not even a click. jumped across posts on solenoid, nothing. replaced the solenoid. jump across posts and starts right up. started with new key yesterday. drove to work. would not start from key at end of day. remote switch, instant start. hate to change starter if some other issue. could it be the switch on clutch pedal? have to depress clutch to start.

any help would be appreciated,

thanks in advance.

1997 ranger, 2.3 ltr, standard 5 speed . 2 wheel drive.
las vegas, nv

1997 ranger XLT (factory) A/C (no power drs/win) CD (added) 2,3LTR standard trans
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