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Default Re: 30 second survey?

Originally Posted by johnday View Post
Well I'm going to check that out, not happy, but I'm glad someone else if experiencing this besides myself. I avoided this site most of the day yesterday, doing scan after scan and not finding anything.
Todays theme is back to the survey crap.
Does it seem to you it's something with the site? It only happens now on this thread.


Nope, didn't work for me.
If your clear your history and cookies it happens when you try to log on.

If I exit then reenter the forum I no longer see the redirect.

I only get this on this forum, I use many other forums.

It is not a virus It is a redirect attached to this forum.

I was gone from this forum for some time, when I used it in the past I never had this problem.

I think it is not a virus because, when I got my new Dell and after I installed all the updates and virus scanner etc this forum was the first site I visited.

My Ipad air which is supposed to be impossible to get a virus on unless it is modified the same thing happens.

It is something that the moderators and or site manager should look into.
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