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Default Re: 30 second survey?

Originally Posted by johnday View Post
Still getting popups, today, the theme appears to be my antivirus may be expired, and some BS about speeding my computer up.

You should always be running good, AV software with up to date virus defs that you pay money for (if you are comfortable with free AVG, that's on you) and you should always run a good firewall which can be software or hardware and both. If you do nothing else with your firewall software, keep it up to date and make sure it will shut down attempts made to do port scans. Your home network, you can enable mac address filters, thus ensuring that the only communications on your network will be between devices you designate and none other (well, NSA surely could get in if they wanted to, lol). To further your home network security, don't use the PIN + push-to-add devices feature on the router/device to add devices to your network as WPS has a big security vulnerability and is easy to hack. Instead, turn that "consumer friendly" chit off and create your own network password, up to 63 characters long, case sensitive, and throw in a few characters (mine is around 35). Finally, don't surf risky sites (porn is at the top of the list) on your primary device. Note I didn't say don't surf pro altogether.

These items are probably the top of the list leaders as far as interwebz and home network security goes. On your phone number, no, don't hand that out like cotton candy ( a product, validate/activate a warranty card or go online, no, they don't get any personal number and no, they get the "scum" email address because you may as well just assume they will share the email addy). Watch you you give your home address too, so as to avoid somehow getting on junk mail lists. As for your interwebz browser, think about using Firefox along with the adblock plus addon to kill most popups. If you are annoyed by auto starting flash vids, there is a flash vid block out there too.
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