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Default Re: 30 second survey?

My phone used to ring off the hook from telemarketers and surveys etc.

I did like everyone and registered with the national and state do not call list.

When calls to my home got more frequent after that, I contacted a attorney that specializes in suing these type of companies that use automated call bots.

He told me to play along, get the name of the company the time and date they called what method they used to call my phone ( auto dialer or live person )

Then once I get a live person I ask to be removed from their calling list. I inform them
that I have notes from this call and if they call again my attorney will sue them for $1500 per call.

It has taken some effort on my part but I no longer get any calls.

I used to just ask to be taken off their list yet I still got calls over and over.

It seems like they know I have a note pad and pen waiting next to my phone.

I was really hoping they would keep calling because I sure could use my portion of the $1500 per call.

One thing I have not been able to deal with is trying to sell a vehicle on craigslist.

I have a local dealership that has around 40 employees that do nothing but call people selling cars or trucks and try to convince you to trade in your car to them.

The problem is they all have different numbers, and they all call each listing at least three times per day.

Talk about ringing your phone off the hook.

I finally had no choice but to remove my listing. I think they know I wouldn't buy their car but they knew their calls would prompt me to remove my listing which eliminates their competition.

People like this are one of the lowest form of scum known to man.
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